1st-2nd grade

1st hour

Exploring Nature with Ashlea Peacock and Regan Nix

We will be learning about science and the beauty around us through a Charlotte Mason style approach.

Activities will vary from week to week, but will include a variety of other subjects that compliment our science class. These include art, poetry, reading, writing and math and music.


2nd hour

Bananas for Books! With Marcie Smith

In Bananas for Books, we will read a great book each week and see where it leads. This Five in a Row style class will allow us to learn about literature, grammar, science, history, geography… wherever our reading takes us!

Cost is $10

3rd hour

Doh! With Jessica Moore and Nicole Berkel

Squishing, rolling, sculpting, molding… Our class will use playdough to learn a variety of skills including:  problem solving, math, picture making, letters, etc. Join us for an exciting year!!! $10

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