Guest Artist

On Thursday the Middle School and High School art class was lucky enough to get to spend the hour with Donna’s cousin, Nick Lillard.  He is an amazing artist and spoke to the class about his work.  He will be coming back to do some clay sculpting with the class on another day.

Nick is a full-time artist.  He spends his days welding, sculpting, or painting. He worked with Paul Moore extensively for several years.  Paul Moore did the Land Run sculptures along the canal in Bricktown. 

The University of Oklahoma commissioned Nick to sculpt several of its past presidents.   These sculptures are on display on the outside of several of OU’s buildings.

 He is currently building a robot out of steel to use for demonstrations. He brought the helmet to show the class.  Although nothing is concrete yet, Hollywood has showed an interest in his robot and possibly using it for a movie.  

Nick is currently designing a deck of cards for retail.  His artwork has been in galleries across the country from Los Angeles to New York City.

photo[1] - CopyHphoto[1] (2)

Here  is a photo of a tiger Nick sculpted out of steel.  He was commisioned to do this for Norman Public[2]

Thanks Nick, for giving of your time for our class. And thanks Donna, for bringing in such a great learning opportunity for our kids!

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