Ignite calendar for the rest of our school year

March 11-Spirit Day Crazy Socks and Hat Day! Wear one or both!

March 18-No Ignite~Spring Break

March 23- Ladies of Ignite at Panera 7:00 till we’re done!  Come when you can, leave when you need to!

March 29- 11:00- 12ish Field trip to Equine Hospital! Fun idea, Janna and Cathy!  We’ll pack a lunch and eat at the park afterwards.

April 16- 6:30 Mad Science Fair!

April 22- Spirit Day Fashion Disaster Day! Come in your worst.  If you match on this day you’re gonna be in big trouble.

April 29- Last day of Ignite and Talent Show and Pizza day! (details to come)

April 30- 7:00 Luminosity! This is our Ignite end-of-year recognition night. Invite the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to come see what we’ve done this year. Slide show, recognitions and more! It will be a meaningful wrap-up for our year together.

May 11- 7:00 Ladies of Ignite at Panera

June 3- Family Swimming party and cookout (more info to come, we are waiting for a reservation confirmation from a pool)

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