3rd-4th Grade

 1st hour

Practical Proverbs with Erin Simms

We will be using the Practical Proverbs curriculum to go through our lessons each week. We will be learning some background in the history of Israel, King David and Solomon. We will be digging in deep into the Proverbs to address real-life age appropriate topics & how to approach them with wisdom including: media, self-esteem, modesty, anger management, etc…The class will encompass searching scriptures, memorization & fun activities to get your kids geared up to learn how to apply The Word in making wise decisions in their lives. $5



Let’s Get Moving and Have Some Fun! with Dea Susud

This is a games class designed with fun and movement in mind.  Games will include giant jenga, balloon tennis, tin can bowling, fun tag games, etc. We will play games requiring no supplies, supplies we have, and purchase some fun new things.  Class cost $15.  


2nd hour

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy with Kim Heinecke and Christi Donaldson

Look into the human body and discover the wonders of creation. From your bones and muscles, to your blood and guts, this hands-on class will give you an appreciation for how fearfully and wonderfully made we are! Activities will include note-taking, working in groups, at-home reading and simple dissection.

*Reading from the textbook and simple questions will be assigned as homework each week. Students will receive a notebook in class.

Required text for class: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Apologia. Class Fee: $30


#tbt Literature with Jessica Moore

This class will be comprised of unit studies that go along with each classic book we read. Each unit study contains educational lessons, activities and a fun lap book that your student will do as they progress through the book. This will include book reports, vocabulary, critical thinking, story timelines, and comprehension. These units will be a fun hands-on addition to reading the classics. $10

Book list (could change):

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Little House in the Big Woods

Alice in Wonderland

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlotte’s Web

Stuart Little

Dr. Doolittle

Treasure Island

Black Beauty


3rd hour:

Spanish Basics-with Marcie Smith

The fine print first: I’m not fluent in Spanish, and I won’t make your kids fluent either. But I can help to lay the foundation that students can build upon in the years to come. We will have fun learning about the Spanish alphabet, basic Spanish words and phrases, and grammar en Español! There will be songs and games and books in Spanish, and we will learn about countries and cultures where the language is spoken. ¡Vamos! It will be a good time!

$10 Supply fee


Famous Americans with Kim Heinecke and Christi Donaldson

Who has the most famous signature in American history? Who invented the game of basketball? Are you curious about the people who shaped America? From famous explorers to famous athletes, America is built on determination and hard work. Each week we will learn about a famous American through stories, discussions, games and hands-on activities. No homework in this class. $15

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