3rd-4th Grade

 1st hour

1st hour

PE with Jenny Harth and Deziray Click

This PE class will include all the normal PE skills, games and fun. We will also be putting our students to the test! We will have some fun strength and physical challenges for the students that we hope will empower them to take pride in and responsibility for the body God designed and gave them. By the end of the school year they will have completed a half marathon.( jogging/waking a 1/4 mile each class period)  They will have the opportunity to complete the full marathon distance if they choose. Awards will be given out! $10

2nd hour

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy with Kim Heinecke

Become an amateur astronomer and take a trip into outer space this year!  Discover the wonders of the universe when learning about the planets, stars and all the other miraculous facts about our universe.  This class will incorporate note taking, discussions, and hands-on activities. We’ll even build our own telescope to view the moon, construct a rocket, and more. Students will have a weekly homework assignment.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy textbook is required for reading assignments at home and for reference in class.

Class Fee: $30

3rd hour

Lingo with Erin Simms and Robin Meadows

Individual and group games plus hands-on activities for learning language arts, including grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. $10

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