5th-6th Grade

1st hour:

Spanish Basics-with Marcie Smith

The fine print first: I’m not fluent in Spanish, and I won’t make your kids fluent either. But I can help to lay the foundation that students can build upon in the years to come. We will have fun learning about the Spanish alphabet, basic Spanish words and phrases, and grammar en Español! There will be songs and games and books in Spanish, and we will learn about countries and cultures where the language is spoken. ¡Vamos! It will be a good time!

$10 Supply fee

US History/Geography/US Constitution with Anna Light

Students will dive into US history and geography, through fun and creative interactive teaching games to learn about our US constitution, government, and the amendments that have shaped our nation, reminding them of the values and beliefs on which our Founding Fathers built America. $15

2nd hour:

This Class is Lit! with Dea Susud

I will select books from Sonlight Core B,C, D, E, and F which covers world history, American history, and Eastern Hemisphere .  We will do a variety of activities such as discussing and answering questions over the books to creating lapbooks, etc.  Possible books are Sign of the Beaver , Across five Aprils the year of Courage, Sarah Plain and Tall, etc.    I will have a more detailed description out before registration 🙂 Cost $10 plus you will need purchase or check out the books on our reading list.

Science- Dissection with Donna Dalrymple

We will study the anatomy of seven different large-size preserved animal specimens.  Each month we will study the specimen we will dissect for 3 weeks and on the fourth week will dissect it. Fun!  Some of the animal specimens include worm, frog, fish, and starfish.  The class will be put in pairs of students.  Each pair of students will share a dissection kit.   It’ll be a hands on science class with no homework.  $25


(6th grade only) Ignite Township with Lydia Campbell

This class will take a hands-on approach to learning government and economics. We will be focusing on local government and will occasionally touch on state and national. We will design, run, and sustain a classroom mini-city as we learn about political structure, city positions, electing officials and much more! Each student will have a job in the town such as mayor, police chief, treasurer, judges and more. We may explore topics such as gun ownership in our town and things of that nature (but we won’t go much more mature than that). We plan to share our town with Ignite in a slide show at the end of the year for all to see! $15



3rd hour:

Axiom – with Robin Meadows & Erin Simms

We are excited to once again offer Axiom as we all know the Godly character traits we all seek to attain never run out! Even if you’ve been in this class before, you will be exposed to all new character traits & activities. This is a hands-on unit study that uses science, art, history and much more to thoroughly explore and apply practical Godly character traits.  $10 class fee per semester


Homesteading with Jenny Harth

We will learn the ins and outs of planning, running and living on a self-sufficient homestead! We will design the layout, learn the basics of gardening, preserving food and raising animals.

Activities will include seed-starting, grain-sprouting, canning, and making laundry soap, candles, fermented foods and more! $40


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