5th-6th Grade

1st hour:

Brain Benders with Jennifer Coody

Come prepared each week to engage in a mental workout to hone your analytical and deductive reasoning skills. We’ll tackle a variety of logic puzzles, problems, brain teasers, and games independently and on teams. $5 supply fee

Dissection with Donna Dalrymple and Dea Susud

We’ll be dissecting several specimens in this class.  All the way from earthworms to sharks. I’ve taught this class before and it’s a lot of fun.  Three weeks out of the month we’ll be learning about the specimen while the fourth week we’ll be dissecting.  The cost is $40. This covers your child’s dissection kit and the cost of specimens.

2nd hour:

PE with Deziray Click and Jenny Harth

This PE class will include all the normal PE skills, games and fun. We will also be putting our students to the test! We will have some fun strength and physical challenges for the students that we hope will empower them to take pride in and responsibility for the body God designed and gave them. By the end of the school year they will have completed a half marathon.( jogging/waking a 1/4 mile each class period)  They will have the opportunity to complete the full marathon distance if they choose. Awards will be given out! $10

Creatables with Jessica Moore

Discover the joy of crafting with your friends. In this class you will unlock your creativity and create cool unique crafts. You will get to work with supplies like clay, embroidery hoops, feathers, beads, and many other items. This class will spark a love of crafting.

Some examples of the projects we’ll do:  hand stamped jewelry, canvas paintings, beaded bracelets, pillowcases, and so much more.


3rd hour:

WORDSMITH with Abbi Meadows

Strong communication skills (both written and verbal) are an essential part of a successful future. In Wordsmith, students will navigate the world of reading, writing, speech, grammar, and vocabulary. Through mind-stretching group games, creative writing assignments, presentations, and hands-on activities, students will sharpen their language arts abilities and self-confidence. $25

Taste the World with Dea Susud

Explore the world one country at a time and discover nuggets of fun facts and neat things.  We will learn more about cultures through food and stories of kids your age. An eclectic approach to geography.  $25

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