We know that our kids and parents are respectful and responsible, so we don’t have a lot of rules for Ignite. But we do have some guidelines to protect the facility that we have been entrusted with and to make our days run smoothly.

  1. Please arrive on time. Give your family plenty of time to put totes in the hallway and be seated for opening by 9:30.
  2. A parent must be present for each hour that children attend. If a situation arises where you must leave the building, please put another adult in charge of your children and tell Deleise prior to leaving.
  3. Please keep all of your family’s belongings in your family tote during the day.
  4. Please be sure to bring a blanket to sit on during lunch and water bottles only for drinks.
  5. We are sharing the building with church staff, so please be considerate of noise level and no running or rough housing.
  6. No children may leave the building without an adult or permission from their parents.
  7. Clean-up is everyone’s responsibility. We have to keep this church immaculate in order to keep our privileges. Please make sure your clean-up assignment is completed before you leave the building and ask someone else to handle it if you are absent.
  8. If kids are outside they must stay in the yard next to the building. No one can be in the parking lot.
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