7th-8th Grade

1st hour:

World War I & World War II with Donna Dalrymple

This class we will take a little different approach to learning about World War I & II.  We will be doing activities and projects in class as we learn the major events of World War I and II.  There will be documentaries assigned for homework.  I will email a link to the documentary for parents to preview before sending as homework.  First semester we will learn about World War I and second semester World War II.  The class will also consist of some reading homework.  At the end of each semester each student will present to the class what they learned.  They’ll be able to do this through audio, visual, drama, or written presentation.   $10


Creating with Brown Butcher Paper with Kacie Berkel and Jayme Roberts

This year we are experimenting with brown butcher paper. We will stretch our drawing skills in many ways. We may collage with it, do sketches, create still lifes on it, dabble in typography with bold paints, texture etc. It will be a fun year trying new mediums, all incorporating brown butcher paper! $55




2nd hour

IEW: Institute for Excellence in Writing with Robin Storch

This writing course for middle school students new to IEW lays a solid foundation of writing skills. Over the course of the year, students will learn how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction topics. We will utilize partial DVD as well as live teaching as needed and appropriate.

There will be homework (a written assignment of some kind) due each week. Students will need a 1 1/2″ binder and dividers for class, as well as a PEN. =) I will provide the printouts needed. $15


Ignite Township with Lydia Campbell

This class will take a hands-on approach to learning government and economics. We will be focusing on local government and will occasionally touch on state and national. We will design, run, and sustain a classroom mini-city as we learn about political structure, city positions, electing officials and much more! Each student will have a job in the town such as mayor, police chief, treasurer, judges and more. We may explore topics such as gun ownership in our town and things of that nature (but we won’t go much more mature than that). We plan to share our town with Ignite in a slide show at the end of the year for all to see! $15



Drama/ Improv with Anna Light

Whether your student has a flair for the dramatic or has a hard time coming out of his or her shell this class will help develop their quick thinking skills through fun improvisation games while exploring their talents for acting, stage presence, script reading and memorization, building confidence and channeling high-energy passions into storytelling and comedy. $15


3rd hour

General Science with Deziray Click and Amy Key

This course covers topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology. Its scope, therefore, is quite wide. There are many hands-on experiments to do! Apologia General Science 2nd edition textbook and student notebook are required, plus $25 class fee.


Philosophy with Maureen

Are you someone who likes to ask questions?  Do you wonder about the things around you?  This class will be a fun, conversation class that will explore some of the most influential philosophers of all time.  We will cover 4 sections: Ethics (values) i.e: Will having fun make you happier than studying?  Epistemology (knowledge) i.e: Does a tree make a sound if it falls in a forest with no one around?  Metaphysics (reality) i.e: Can you think about nothing at all?  And Logic (critical thinking:) i.e.: “I am lying” true or false? It will be mostly discussion with some activities, and optional homework for extra credit.  $5


Yoga– Elizabeth Zeigler

We will spend the year breaking down poses, practicing correct alignment, utilizing the flow of poses for cardio exercise, and learning how to increase breath control. There will be opportunities during class to pray, worship, and focus our thoughts on Christ. You will need to bring a yoga mat. $5 class fee.

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