7th-8th Grade

1st hour:

Crash Course in History with Sheena Edge and Nicole Berkel

Come along as we take a “Crash Course” through US History with John Green. Each week we will watch a short Youtube video produced by Crash Course. The class will discuss specific events and the lasting implications they had for our country. We will also read several biographies throughout the year covering different historical figures from our country’s timeline. Assignments will include: vocabulary, reading, hands on class activities, and several short written reports.

Students will need a 1 inch binder, college ruled paper, and YWAM Heroes of History book 1-5 set https://www.ywampublishing.com/p-411-heroes-of-historybr5-book-gift-setbrbooks-1-5.aspx ..

Cost will be $10

Drawing Through the Mediums! (7th-12th) with Kacie Berkel and Jayme Roberts

Going back to a more traditional art class! We are going back to basics and learning values, shapes, lines, contrast, texture,  space etc. We’ll explore these concepts through charcoal, prisma color pencils, colored chalk, watercolor pencils and anything else I can fit in our budget! Hoping to teach your awesome kiddos how to stretch and grow in their talent through drawing!


Intro to Journalism (7th-12th) with Julie Davis and Kelsey Klaassen

In this High School elective course we will explore the many aspects of modern journalism! Throughout the year, we will learn the basic principles and practices of journalism through fun and engaging discussions and activities. A few of the things we will explore are the history of journalism, what makes writing a news article different from traditional writing, how to gather information and conduct interviews, how to identify reliable news sources and the important role ethics play in a journalist’s job. This class will also create some type of publication throughout the year for our Ignite families.

Cost $10/year

2nd hour

General Science with Amy Key and Sheena Edge

This course covers topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology. Its scope, therefore, is quite wide. There are many hands-on experiments to do also! Apologia General Science 2nd edition textbook and student notebook are required, plus $25 class fee.


Love for Literature with Christi Donaldson

 This class will have students dive into literature. We will have equal parts enjoyment and comprehension. Discussion topics include theme, setting, character, plot, point of view, and more. We will also dissect poetry and dabble in writing some using figurative language techniques. The class goal is to IGNITE some passion for reading!



Defending Your Faith (7th-12th) with Monica Kilhoffer and Donna Dalrymple

Apologetics is the rational defense of one’s faith. Christian apologetics presents evidences and rational arguments to someone who doubts the truth of Christianity or to someone who wants better reasons for believing the bible is true and Christianity is the only valid religion. Answer questions or doubts you or others may have. If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in the world? Is there really evidence for the Resurrection of Christ? How do we know to the bible has been copied correctly? What about the apparent contradictions in the bible? Get answers to these questions and so many more! Great class discussions where you are free to bring your doubts and questions. We all have them. Get answers! No homework for this class. Class fee is $10.


Conversations (7th-12th)  with Maureen Russell

This will be a super fun class discussing everything from the latest trends to the biggest controversies. Combining topics from psychology, philosophy, science, pop culture, current events and more!  Come ready to share your opinions and be challenged in your thinking. $5

3rd hour

Drama/ Improv (7th-12th) with Anna Light

Whether your student has a flair for the dramatic or has a hard time coming out of his or her shell this class will help develop their quick thinking skills through fun improvisation games while exploring their talents for acting, stage presence, script reading and memorization, building confidence and channeling high-energy passions into storytelling and comedy. $15

Bravewriter with Robin Storch

Bravewriter is a class for 7th and 8th graders who would like to increase their capacity for writing creatively. We will cover a variety of topics from free writing and poetry to literary devices such as personification and onomatopoeia, as well as some

grammar. This class will require minimal homework.

Materials needed: 1” binder, notebook paper, two dividers, a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth (We will be reading this all year.)

Cost of class: $10

Bible Project+  (7th-12th) with Christie Gunkel and Jennifer Coody

You love God, you’re doing Bible plans and likely additional Bible at home, so why take a Bible class at Ignite?

Because it’s time. In the coming years you will grow more and more independent in many ways, all the way up to that highly anticipated launch into adulthood.

What then? You have to decide what a life following Christ will truly look like for YOU in YOUR generation. In a world filled with many voices claiming to be true—you will have to fight to stay focused on the only absolute Truth in a different way than previous generations before you. And, to be honest, a quick devotional just isn’t gonna cut it. The Word of God is your only weapon against the enemy and against your flesh. We want to help equip you to know your weapon and be prepared to use it in that battle.

We spent years reading the Bible and doing other people’s studies and plans, but when we learned to study the Bible inductively for ourselves we realized how much we’d been missing!

If you want to know God more deeply and excavate the riches of Scripture for yourself, as well as explore and discuss the overarching themes and message of scripture through Bible Project videos, this class is for you! $5

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