Pre-K and Kindergarten

1st hour

Storyland with Abbi Meadows and Sonja Forth

Join Miss Sonja and Miss Abbi on an adventure in Storyland! Through beautiful books, creative crafts, giggly games, and tasty treats, learn to fall in love with literature. $25

2nd hour

Curious Minds with Dea Susud

In this class we will make study rocks, race cars down ramps, build bridges, make an egg float, swirl milk, blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar,  and so much more.

$25 a semester

3rd hour

Games Games Games! with Maureen Russell and Sonja Forth

Indoor games when it’s cold, outdoor games when it’s nice! Board games, group games and puzzles. Focusing on social skills, good sportsmanship and fun! $5

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